Who we are?

An all-new team with the same old prowess, precision, and passion – presenting the Deccan Gladiators. Taking the experience and learning from when they were called the Sindhis and mixing it in a melting pot with a brand-new approach and strategy solidified to form the current team of the Deccan Gladiators.

What we stand for?

What we stand for in it’s entirety is the south in all its glory (Past & Present). Dakshin literally meaning The South is our identity as we are the Deccan Gladiators. The Reverse Sword signifies our commitment to stand firm by our Philosophy and how we take pride in our region. Hum Hain Dakshin we are “The Will Of The South”

Why T10 League Team?

Gaurav’s investment in the premium franchise of the Abu Dhabi T10 Cricket League is not just restricted to brand ownership as his love for the game continually pushes him to contribute towards various areas in which his team needs support to grow their skills.
Gaurav has revamped his team which he joined in the middle of a crisis situation pertaining to its name. It is his visionary mind-set that made him not only step up to the task of lifting the team but also made him turn his dream of owning a T10 league franchise into a reality.

Vision to Grow

Packed with young blood under the expert wisdom of their senior international players, the Deccan Gladiators are here to build a legacy of their own in the T10 format.

What makes a Gladiator?